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Get ready for NaNoWriMo

It’s finally that time of the month that most of us writers have been waiting for all year round!It’s the time where you lay off all excuses and finally complete the novel you keep saying that you are going to do.

Let’s see a few steps to help us going to complete our challenge this month:

1 – You have 24 hours everyday,all you need is around one to two hours to complete at least one chapter,find the time because once you’ve completed it you will definitely feel accomplished!

2- Lay off all excuses !

You will never complete your book if you keep making excuses

3- Think about how happy you will be once its accomplished.

Let that be your motivation!Keep remembering the outcome and it will push you towards your goal.

4- Post your novel on a website for support

You can use apps like wattpad and post your novel as you write it ! The support from people will be a huge motivation and will make you keep going.

5- Just keep writing !

This month is about finishing a novel,be dedicated and just keep writing !

And there you go! I hope these steps will help you all and good luck if you’re putting yourself to the challenge for NaNoWriMo !

Good luck everyone !