How do you know you’re truly worth something?

Someone asked me ‘How do you know you are truly worth something?’ and I thought of replying to it in this blog post since that got me thinking many people actually don’t know their worth or don’t want to believe they have worth.

Firstly I’d say if you want to know your worth know that you are alive.That means you were born with a certain purpose! What if you didn’t exist? You would affect the lives of EVERY single person you met, and that is what we call the butterfly effect.

The butterfly effect is that if even a single thing changed in the past as simple as you going to bed instead of you going to work a whole different path could change in your life as well as everyone elses, it’s basically a chain.

Remember we are all heros in someone’s story, and sometimes the villain, side character or simply passerby in another’s story.But that is what makes a story! You can’t have a story with only a hero right? A villain makes a hero, and so does every single small character, without them there is no story, there is no value in the story.

And likewise you are part of every single persons story you know, whether they love you, hate you or have no feelings, you still impact their life. That’s what tells you, you have value, you were born for a reason.

We all question our value or worth at times and I think that to believe your worth, it helps to believe in a true faith.If you believe in god, you will read in your manuscriptures about your worth and meaning and purpose of life,it gives you sense of value and purpose .

There is always someone who loves you, likes you or simply just likes your presence or what you do.If you were gone, people would cry, even if it was simply one person and that’s because you made an impact on their life whether you believe it or not.

If you helped a poor person with food or money, you impacted his life.That’s how you know you have value.If you helped someone who was in pain or sad or anything.You impacted their lives and have value.What if you were not there? Their lives would have not been the same, this tells us you have value.

Value is not measurable, and nobody should be measured by it.But understand the fact that in your life there is purpose and if there is purpose that means you have worth and everyone does.

And if you feel as though you have no worth or value or purpose , create it for yourself.Start helping others or setting a goal and achieve it, there’s alot of possibilities in the world.

You are valuable because you are you, the fact that you breathe means you are precious.

Value and worth is not an object it is not easy to define it in a way that finding it is so achievable, it is something you have to believe in.

You don’t need people to tell you you are valued to believe it.You need to believe it and that is when your life will start changing.

We are all valuable and worth it, and if nobody told you, I will tell you thank you for being alive and go do great things.

And even if you don’t know your worth or don’t want to believe it, the fact that you’re valuable and worth it does not change.

You have worth and you are more priceless than jewels so never let anyone take advantage of you when you’re worth more than something with a price tag on it.

I hope this blog post helped you all in some way and comment if you want me to talk about something specific.

Have a great day everyone.


I am there, we all are | motivation

There are times in life where we fall to the floor helpless with not a clue of how to get up, it is at that moment we feel pain, hurt, sadness or whatever feelings it is that afflict you.

I want you to know, you are not alone.You hear these words a lot but this time I really want you to know you are not alone.

When you cry for the loss of a loved one, someone out there is crying for theirs too.

When the world throws its harships at you remember you are not alone.

You are not alone because at that very same moment where you lost all hope, someone out there lost hope too.You weren’t alone.

Each of us are afflicted wiith different calamities in life.Perhaps its poverty, health, family, no love, no happiness.Whatever it may be, but we all go through something that makes us human.

When you feel the world against you remember that person who is going through what you’re going through and remember you aren’t alone.You may be miles apart but within your heart know that you aren’t the only one.

When you want to give up and say you have no meaning in life take your words back because from the minute you were born you affected every person’s life with your presence. You had a story and you are part of one,this may be the part where you have to accomplish and win the success over your trials, it may be that your problems become your greatest strength one day.And when you look back you’ll be grateful.

So don’t give up when you’re so close to overcoming it,and if this is only the beginning for you then strive through it, cry and cry but never ever question your worth or purpose.You have purpose, you are purpose.

And if you feel you have nobody there for you then I can be there for you, the voice that will somehow try to always help you if others won’t, I will because I too have been at some point where I felt there was no hope, but I was wrong, there always is.

-you’re amazing and worth it, nobody has the right to demean your worth, not even you.